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Dream Leads Desperate Woman to Peace

Perhaps Maemi still felt the sting of her mother-in-law’s rejection. Maemi had dared to disobey her, and in anger, she had asked Maemi to leave the family home. Maemi, her husband—Saeran—and their two daughters had been forced to find somewhere else to live. Maemi’s crime? Working outside the home in attempt to provide for her family because Saeran was no longer working. Now, Maemi had to provide a roof over their heads, an extra expense for her meager income. How would Maemi manage?

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New Believer Becomes Ministry Catalyst

Before Pastor Pesach stood Sima, a young man with swollen eyes. Sima’s mother, who attended Pesach’s church, wanted Pesach to pray for him. It probably wasn’t the first time someone would ask Pesach to pray for their family member, and it wouldn’t be the last. Regardless, Pesach couldn’t have known that praying for this one man would be one more link in a chain reaction, a chain reaction that had started many years earlier when Pesach was a young man himself.

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Wayward Teen Finds Purpose

After skipping school to hang out with his friends much of the day, teenager Rondale made his way home. He likely knew his parents were disappointed in him. They had told him several times to become a good person, but what did they know?

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Gift Ends Villages Torrent of Hopelessness

Rain came pouring down, with no sign of letting up. The ground would be a slippery, muddy mess. Still, Kylan and his wife, Esmae, needed water to quench their thirst, wash clothes, clean dishes and take baths. So, they gathered their water vessels and headed out. Every day—rain or shine, hot or cold—they had to fetch water from the water hole multiple times. It was a long walk there, and the path became treacherous in rainy seasons.

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Education Opens Doors for Girls Future

Selyne, local development officer for GFA World’s Child Sponsorship Program set out with a goal in mind. Girls in the area were typically not given the same opportunities as boys when it came to education, and that needed to change. Selyne went into the villages to do a survey, and she visited families, looking for girls who were underprivileged and from the poorest families who needed an education. It was Selyne’s task to help parents understand the importance of education in breaking the cycle of poverty and to persuade them to let their daughters attend the program and receive an education.

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Devastating Illness Brings Family to God

Ten-year-old Neina walked to the forest near her home to collect firewood. In their very remote village, they had no electricity, transportation or communication, and schools were very far away. For the most part, Neina stayed home to help her mother, Jaslyn, with household chores. For her, this was just like every other day.

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Pastor’s Prayers Answered After 30 Years

GFA pastor Sothear gazed at the church building before him. A red ribbon draped across the front door. A crowd of smiling faces gathered nearby. Perhaps Sothear took a deep breath and smiled too as he took it all in. Thirty years. He had waited 30 years for this moment, and now it was reality.

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Wrapping Love Around a Lonely Widow

Once again, Saadet measured out her single ration of rice. Once again, she placed it in an isolated vessel. Once again, she cooked alone. In perpetual mourning and separation, Saadet was one widow among 258 million worldwide, and she was helpless and alone. Would her plight ever change? Or was she destined to live out the rest of her days trapped in loneliness and want?

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A Kid to Feed a Widow’s Kids

Myla could hardly believe it—her beloved husband, Robi, was gone. A sudden heart attack had taken his life, and with it, her security. Her two young children had lost their father, and the weight of their care now rested solely on her shoulders.

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Poor Vision and Pandemic Open Eyes to Christ’s Love

Fear gripped Gethin. A cloud in his eyes dimmed his vision. No matter what he tried to do about it, what witch doctors he visited or what sacrifices he made, nothing worked. His vision steadily became worse, and with its decline came a deep-rooted fear Gethin could not shake.

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Seeking Warmth Among Rags

Sagen, Raam and Balin had traveled from other states in search of jobs, looking for some way to provide for their families. They had hoped to offer their children a better life by finding stable employment. Instead, they found themselves picking through rubble for survival, shivering at night under thin blankets as they slept in makeshift dwellings.

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Man Raised from Deathbed to Change Lives

Nantai’s mother looked on, her heart heavy, as her son lay comatose in the hospital. He had suffered from severe dizzy spells for some time, but now his life hung in the balance, as did his soul. His parents had come to know Jesus when Nantai was a child and had taken Nantai to church regularly, but as a teenager, he had stopped going to church, preferring to hang out with his friends. He had ignored their advice and lived recklessly. What would become of him now?

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Fighting Malaria, One Net at A Time

There’s a common problem in GFA pastor Kagan’s area, one he is all too familiar with. Born and raised in the region where he now serves, Pastor Kagan knows the effects of malaria from personal experience, and he sees many others suffer from it, too. Whenever it appears, it often brings debilitation and anguish—and sometimes death.

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