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The world shelters billions of people, of which, majority are children under the age of 15, The earth is home to children who dream of making it to the top and also who dream just to have something to eat, live and wear. The situation of children in Nepal is even worse. World wide, Nepal known as a poverty-stricken country, has just come out of ten year long armed conflict making thousands of children homeless and with very little of everything they have. Children have become the primary victims of this decade long conflict. The situation has worsened as many children are now in streets and without proper care. More families are forced to leave homes, many children forced into child labour to earn bread for their family. Its not that the parents and elders are, not aware of the importance of education, the only barrier at lies in between is their extremely difficult financial background.

Keeping this bitter truth in mind, Haven on Earth Orphanage was envisioned to help these children and families by providing them with proper education, shelter and food. The organization was established to address the need of these people and to increase the ability of the children here. Twenty-five children are currently living in the Orphanage where they have access to education, good food, proper clothing, health care and security. Haven on Earth Orphanage is a non profit organization focusing low income and rural communities.

Haven on Earth Orphanage is working to make difference in the lives of these children by providing them education, reasonable comfort, safety and love that they deserve. Haven on Earth orphanage will provide shelter to children and give them proper education enabling them to attend well equipped school .Hence, we are working to address the imbalance that children are facing in poor communities by addressing their fundamental needs and hope that me program will be able to support more orphans in the long run.
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